Recorded Music

BC35: The 35 Year Anniversary Of BC Studio

LP featuring Ajda's track "Take This Ride." Also features members of Sonic Youth, Swans, White Hills, JG Thirlwell, Cop Shoot Cop, Live Skull reunion, Pop 1280, The Dresden Dolls, Alice Donut, Lubricated Goat, Parlor Walls and many more!  Recorded live over a weekend of performances, the resulting album marks the 35 year anniversary of Martin Bisi's BC Studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn. 2018 

Beautiful Boot Leg: Live at Rick Walker's

Ajda the Turkish Queen live and solo at Rick Walker's in Boston. 2014


Second full length from Black Fortress of Opium. 2012

Black Fortress of Opium

Debut album by Black Fortress of Opium.  Produced, mixed, and recorded by Martin Bisi. 2008


Turkish Queen EP. 2003


Debut solo album by Black Fortress of Opium collaborator Tony Savarino.  Ajda is featured on the cover of Gram Parsons' "Christine's Tune." 2010

Son of a Gun

Martin Bisi EP on Contraphonic Records. 2009

Sirens of the Apocalypse

Martin Bisi full length record on Black Freighter Records. 2008

Hello Fever

7" by Orisha.1997

Birth of Monsters

Tim Mungenast full length album featuring Ajda on flute. 1999

Amber Spyglass

Amber Spyglass EP featuring Ajda on flute and keyboards. 2001

Shooting Star

Full length by Countess on Castle von Buhler Records. 2001


Full length record by Twink on Mulatta Records, featuring Ajda on flute. 2004

Two Brothers

Vinyl EP by Abunai on Camera Lucida Records. Folkadelic dub featuring Ajda on flute. 2003

Between Two Seconds

Full length by Joe Turner (Abunai), featuring Ajda on flute. 2004

Further Adventures of the Telepathic Explorers

Compilation album on Free City Media, featuring Ajda on flute on a track by Joe Turner. 2003

noise & toys & ice cream

Bill T. Miller's Orgy of Noise. 2004

Boyarm Does Devo

Devo tribute album on Boyarm Records, featuring Ajda on flute on Twink's version of "Beautiful World." 2004

Pony Trouble

"Pony Trouble" independent film soundtrack featuring two of Ajda's original songs. 2005

Wisteriax & Ajda the Turkish Queen

Recording from a live improv performance with Ajda on flute, zither and zills joined by Wisteriax on cello, on Lildiscs Records. 2005

Sound and the Chaos: The Story of BC Studio

Independent film soundtrack featuring Black Fortress of Opium and others.  Documentary about Martin Bisi's BC Studio in Brooklyn. 2015

Past Live Performances with:

Black Fortress of Opium | Turkish Queen | Narcoterror | Abunai! | Martin Bisi | Tony Savarino & the Satanic Lounge Syndicate | Heterotopia | Cynthia von Buhler |  Orgy of Noise | Neovoxer | John Kiefer | Reflecting Skin | Wisteriax | Joe Turner & the Seven Levels | Radio Pü | Orisha | Opium Den | Amber Spyglass | Reverend Glasseye and His Wooden Legs | Zizka | Defenestration Unit | Sky Saw | Jonny Pape/License