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Ajda the Turkish Queen is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and voice lessons teacher living and making music in the Boston area since 1996. Originally from Houston, Texas, she was raised by a Turkish mother and American father. A founder of original music bands such as Black Fortress of Opium, Turkish Queen, and the Ronnie James Dio tribute AjDIO, her current focus is primarily in solo endeavors.

Work & Legacy

Photo by Lorde Buckingham

Whether appearing solo or as part of a band or ensemble, Ajda has performed extensively in a live setting from clubs to churches and beyond, as well as on several recordings. She has been a vocal and instrumental collaborator in numerous groups of varying genres such as alternative rock, indie/experimental, goth, metal, jazz/blues/gospel, rock opera, cabaret, and psychedelic pop, often serving as band leader or music director, as well.  In addition to her own original music, Ajda has recorded with artists and composers of diverse styles, from electronic music and pop to modern classical, and has also contributed to soundtracks for various independent films. 


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Growing up in Texas with a Turkish mother and American father influenced Ajda greatly in her appreciation and straddling of Eastern and Western elements in music and culture.  An only child whose parents enjoyed travel and regard for other cultures, Ajda was fortunate enough to visit other countries and imbibe their ways, especially through numerous trips to Turkey.  Ajda was named after the Turkish pop star Ajda Pekkan, whom her mother greatly admired as a youth. 


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"Ajda is not only a powerful vocalist but also is a voice teacher of note." - Andrew Wilson, Boston Band Crush

Photo by Lorde Buckingham


“…always one of the most interesting musicians in Boston.”- SiD, Too Much Rock 

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“Ajda the Turkish Queen has a gorgeous, emotive voice. “- Linda Laban, Boston Metro 


Ajda is available for music lessons, live performances, and recordings.

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